What Home Buyers Want and How You Can Make It Happen: #2 Energy Efficient Features

Go green. Reduce your carbon footprint. Manage your energy usage. Watch your wattage. Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose. Do these words ring a bell?  They should, you can’t open a magazine or watch TV without hearing about new initiatives, products and plans for “greening” your life.According to Move.com, 50% of Americans’ New Year ‘s Resolution was to go green and reduce their household energy usage.  Home buyers are asking, “How environmentally friendly is this home?” Realtors recognize the importance of this issue and have added a new search feature to Realtor.com that allows shoppers to customize their search for “energy efficient” homes.

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Go Green in 2009!

The Certified Staging Professionals have partnered with Live Green Live Smart Institute to bring a fabulous new green build science program to stagers, designers, professional organizers, home inspectors and real estate professionals across North America. 

Fabulous Green Factoids from the LGLS Certified Professional course:

• Forty percent of new homes have some green features.  The figure for actual “green”  new homes is optimistically around 10% and  USGBC more accurately around 0.2%  [Read more…]