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CSP International Business Training Academy is college for stagers!

lisa-mcinteeIts’ life work has been and continues to be for the betterment of education and experience, providing a stronger, higher skilled, more respected professional to be valued in a still embryonic industry.

On January 7th 2015, Christine Rae, President and Founder of the Business Academy was proud to bestow the International Masters of Real Estate Staging designation to award winning lead stylist LISA MCINTEE, The Staging Professionals, Niagara Falls, Canada.

Lisa McIntee said “I really believe in continuous learning. Education is a legitimate business expense and more importantly an investment in myself and my business. The only thing more expensive than education is not getting one.”

Rae said, “Unlike many things we buy, education appreciates in value. There is a statistic which states every $1 spent on a college education produces $34.85 increased lifetime income. The income differential empowers you to make choices to enrich your life.. Indeed, educational achievement is priceless.“
The designation is an internationally recognised symbol of achievement and excellence, recognising achievement of work in the Real Estate Staging field. The award cannot be attained without being a foot soldier first. In a non-regulated industry CSP International Training Academy has provided a platform for all stagers to declare, regardless of non-regulation, that they value and have continued skill learning to an advanced level.

Staging professionals around the world, regardless of affiliation, with two or more years of experience in the field, a stellar reputation, excellent portfolio, references and who have achieved the educational requirements set out as a measurement of skills, knowledge and abilities may apply for consideration.

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